Web Application

Ecommerce web sites offer a new information and sales vehicle for your company giving benefits not available with traditional trading methods. 24/7 customer access, reduced costs giving higher margins, instant product and stock updates, secure multi tier pricing options for trade and end user increasing your market penetration, and cost effective promotional activity are just a few of the advantages.

Avokis Technology team will take you step by step through each level of Ecommerce development from secure order processing to final dispatch of goods advising on technology, applications and good practice online trading.



  • OS Commerce customization.
  • Customization of other shopping carts.
  • Payment Gateway Integration to accept all major International credit cards.
  • PayPal integration to accept payments from Credit Card holders and PayPal members.
  • Re-vamping of ecommerce websites.

Avokis Technology builds highly scalable Ecommerce business solutions for budding Ecommerce companies. Our solutions are designed to help them realize their real on-line and off-line potential.

It also helps that we have a proven track record in completing challenging web projects using ASP or ASP .net, PHP, JSP with powerful back ends like Mysql, MSSQL, and Oracle. There are also open and paid source available and we incorporate features of third party tools as per client requirements.


  • Manage all products, product details, prices and shipping.
  • Upload image(s) for each product with built in image editor.
  • Client account management system, giving each purchaser their own order / support screen.
  • Order processing system - allowing the shop administrator to manage all orders, refunds and returns easily.
  • Attractive, custom-made design based on your specifications.
  • Complete shipping management, connecting to courier tariff system or based upon the weight of each product.
  • Free technical support and full product training provided.
  • We can incorporate initial product range before you take management of the system.
  • Simple, easy to use interface for shop and order managemen.t
  • Integrated payment solution or can be connected to any leading online payment processor.
  • Powerful site search facility.
  • No on-going charges, once your solution is purchased it belong to you or your business.
  • Email Newsletter module allowing constant communication with previous and potential customers about new products or news.
  • Written using the latest online software technology, ensuring your online shop is always live, secure, fast and efficient.

Typically, when taking credit / debit card payments online, you will need to use the services of a payment processing system provider - this may be your bank or a third party such as WorldPay/Paypal. The payment processing system will allow the user to input their card details via a secure server and then verify the card details and funds available in real-time.